What Causes a Sewer Backup?

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If you have a sewage backup, you need to fix it as quickly as you can. Call the professionals to know what caused sewer backups and let them prevent a hazardous situation in your home.


It occurs when something blocks the normal flow of wastewater from your house to the city’s sanitary sewer. Your home’s drain pipes or main sewer line becomes clogged and the sewage starts to back up into your home.


  • Heavy rainfall

The sudden flow from the excess water can overburden your city’s sewer lines.  Once the water pours into the system after heavy rainfall and raises the water table, the water makes its way into connected sewer lines, unable to drain properly, and cause flooding in the sewer system putting your home at risk of water backflows.

  • Poor home maintenance

Aging sewage systems can crack and allow water from sewers and ground moisture water to invade homes. It is important to check plumbing and basement conditions and be careful with a sewer system outside your home. For instance, the invasion of tree roots in a sewer system falls to the homeowner to fix. Tree roots can intertwine with your sewer system and grow into pipe holes crushing the sewer line by growing around it. If it’s not fixed as soon as possible, your sewer line is at risk to be damaged.

  • Too many users

One more cause of basement of flooding is too many residents at home showering, taking baths, and washing down their hair making the sewer line become clogged. Clogs can consist of hair, grease, and many other things that can lead to trouble for a whole system.


  1. Make sure you are covered for sewer backups. Make sure you got insurance.
  2. Be aware of how much waste is washed down a drain.
  3. See if all pipes and drains are repaired and in working conditions. Over time, sewer lines can easily deteriorate, crack and collapse.
  4. Be aware of the risk of potential health problems. Sewage and floodwater can contain bacteria and other hazardous microorganisms which can lead to disease. Wash your hands if you touched the water.
  5. Clean up after sewer backups. To minimize negative health effects and destruction of your valuables, make sure you properly respond to sewer backups.


In case of sewer backup, call a licensed restoration services company and report the problem immediately to remediate the black water damage.
Contact Re-Store Services for water damage repair and mold remediation services afterward.

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