Recent climate changes lead to weather turbulence all over the globe bringing all sorts of disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes, blizzards, wildfires, earthquakes, and so on. Unfortunately, our homes aren’t fully resistant to weather damage.

Once your house has suffered from a natural disaster, such as flooding, thunderstorm or lightning damage, hail or ice storm damage, or tornado, you need pros specialized in weather remediation. Typically, the first hours after the weather damage are critical to prevent further destruction. In most cases, the lack of special equipment for the detection of invisible to the eye mold or leaks typical for DIY solutions might result in subdued safety. In any situation that requires emergency services in San Diego, contact Re-Store Services as soon as possible.

Experienced licensed specialists will:

  • estimate the scale of the damage
  • react promptly to minimize further destruction
  • make up a plan for home restoration
  • contact your insurance provider
  • carry out all repair work quickly and efficiently to bring your home to its initial condition.

The safety of your home is our first priority. As soon as we get your call, our trained specialists will be on-site in no time. The crew is fully aware of your frustration and concerns and will strive to restore your house and ensure your comfort and safety.

Weather Damage Restoration: Step-by-Step

When disaster hits, you may get stressed and confused. Here is a plan of action for an emergency situation.

  1. Check for damage. When the natural disaster has gone, examine your home for visible damage. Strong winds, heavy rains, and hurricanes can lead to broken roofs, flooding in the basement, destroyed walls and furniture, ruptured pipelines and cables, and mold growth. Once you’ve noticed problems, immediately call a contractor specializing in restoration services. Stay in a safe area, avoid entering rooms with standing water because of potential electrical hazards, and turn off the gas supply line and power supply.
  2. Damage estimation. Once pros have arrived, they will assess the risk and the damage scale. Trustworthy companies undertake the responsibility to communicate with an insurance provider and help you with claims. Most insurance providers require damage confirmation only from certified contractors. Pictures made on-situ might be useful as evidence. Specialists will check for both exterior and interior damage, as well as ruptures, cracks, and leaks. Water damage can result in fungi growth if left untreated.
  3. Do not attempt to repair your home by yourself. Repair services experts will work out a repair plan to bring your house back to normal condition in no time. A professional approach to restoration helps to reduce the risk of additional damage. Besides, restoration companies are fully equipped for conducting a wide range of construction and repair services; water pumps for water extraction, dehumidifiers, IR lamps for mold detection, etc.

4. Work permits and inspection. Some repair works require permits from authorities. When you opt for DIY repairs you may face complications. Pros are familiar with the procedures, so they get all the necessary permits for conducting construction work. Upon the completion of the renovation, a company representative will manage the final inspection to make sure that your home is fully safe.

5. Clean up. Repair services, be it construction works, electrical repairs, or plumbing, are often associated with dirt and litter all around. That is why choosing a reliable contractor is crucial. You don’t want your home renovated but full of debris. Pros use protection materials to isolate the repaired area. Once the problem is eliminated, the crew will clean up the space leaving no traces of repair services.

Why Choose Re-Store Services?

A reputable contractor takes care not only of damage restoration but makes sure to minimize damage impact before performing restoration works. Once the initial overview of the damage is done, our specialists contact your insurance provider relieving the headache of dealing with the insurance company.

Pros from Re-Sore Services are available 24/7 in San Diego, California. For any emergency situation that requires restoration services after your property has been damaged, contact our specialists who can resolve also the following problems:

  • Fire & smoke damage restoration.
  • Mold remediation. The company uses advanced techniques for revealing mold plaque and mold elimination.
  • Slab leak detection. Tiny leaks can be invisible to homeowners but may lead to pipe bursting, short-circuit, flooding, and consequent fungi contamination as a result of water damage. Experienced and qualified plumbers have the necessary tools to detect even tiny leaks.

Emergency situations allow no delays and an amateur approach. You need a fully-certified and qualified contractor to bring your house back to its initial condition to ensure the family safety.

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