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Commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing systems require routine servicing and urgent repairs in case of sudden and unfortunate events.

At Re-Store Services, we supply an extensive spectrum of plumbing services. Leaky sinks, burst pipes, obstructed drains, slab leaks, gas pipelines, low water pressure, water heater installation, and so on — we cover it all.

Available 24/7, our pros will set out immediately to tackle the problem — armed with the most advanced instruments for diagnostics and plumbing repair service, the crew will provide an accurate estimate and do a job fast and with minimal disturbance for your family or corporate workflow.

Well aware of the existing San Diego regulations, the Re-Store team can carry out repairs of any complexity and restore a property to its initial condition after it has been damaged by water.

Slab leak detection Chula vista

Slab leak detection and repair

Slab leaks require immediate action because untreated slab leaks can result in a weakened structural integrity of your house that requires costly repairs and restoration. If you notice wet carpets, inflated flooring, mold patches, or water around the perimeter of the house, call a plumbing contractor urgently.

Ignored slab leaks lead to mold growth that is hazardous to human health and requires mold remediation performed by a dedicated plumbing services provider specialized in water damage restoration.

The Re-Store Services team deploys advanced slab leak detection methods to reveal the leak location. Once detected, the problem will be resolved as fast as possible to prevent severe water damage.

Full house repiping and rerouting

Repiping is often required for older houses with damaged or corroded pipes. Repiping is a major project — the old plumbing network will be replaced with a new one. Quite often homeowners repipe or reroute a piping system while remodeling or renovating houses.

PEX & Copper pipe leak repair

Whether you have PEX or copper pipes, at the first signs of a leak you’d better hire a plumbing repair service specialist. DIY solutions seen on YouTube might lead to significant damage, particularly if a pipe is located behind a wall or beneath a floor.  Re-Store plumbers have the expertise and equipment to fix leaks of any complexity promptly. We tender emergency services across the San Diego area 24/7.

Drain pipe camera inspection

To reveal the location of clogs/leaks, we use a flexible camera that shows the condition of the piping and obstruction scale in real time. Non-invasive technologies, including live camera inspection, allow the crew to detect the problem and solve it in the shortest time, causing minimal destruction to your home. 

Drain pipe repair

We use an innovative approach to drain pipe inspection, including non-invasive detection; once the issue is revealed, we choose the right method to eliminate the problem.

Drain clog opening

Drain clog opening

Blocked drains are annoying for any house owner. DIY solutions take time and aren’t really efficient in most cases. Hiring a plumbing repair service crew will save you time and make sure that you get clean pipes promptly. 

At Re-Store Services, we understand how drain clogs can adversely affect the home routine, so we offer 24-hour plumber services. Just a phone call and a fully-equipped specialist will sort out the problem and share recommendations on how to prevent clogging in the future.  

Gas pipe installation and leak repair

Re-Store specialists are certified and trained to execute gas plumbing installation, repairs, and routine servicing. Just schedule a visit or request gas leak emergency service — a Re-Store Services pro will arrive in no time, locate the leak, and repair it. We assess the scope of work and take care of the required permits and inspections.   

Pressure regulator repair and replacement

Our technicians repair and install all types of pressure regulators, including filter service, back pressure, motorized, specialty, and low-pressure regulators. If there is a strange sound when faucets are in use or a sudden decrease/increase in water pressure, call Re-Store Services — the faster you call us in, the sooner the water pressure will get back to its optimal rate.

Water heaters and tankless water heaters installation and maintenance

Water heaters and tankless water heaters installation and maintenance

Re-Store specialists can repair and install all types of water heaters — call us to fix up a meeting or request emergency repair service. If an appliance doesn’t heat water properly or is leaking, our crew is fully equipped and ready to set out immediately.   

New construction plumbing

For the installation of complete plumbing systems, special permits and inspections are needed. Re-Store Services is a licensed plumbing contractor headquartered in San Diego; the team takes care of all aspects of plumbing network installation, which includes getting official approvals and permits. Our technicians are skilled and trained to carry out the installation of any piping component or an entire plumbing network. Responsible, qualified, and equipped with industrial-grade tools, the crew takes care of the project from A to Z.      

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Re-Store Services is a family-owned business which offers the best restoration services to clients whose homes have been damaged. We are an IICRC-certified company with a full range of services, licensed and insured plumbing, and general building contractors.

We feel your pain because we also dealt with an unexpected ceiling collapse once. So, we understand how challenging dealing with a disaster and its harmful effects can be because of our experience. With this in mind, we use advanced techniques and the highest professional standards to treat your homes and families.

Re-Store Services provides a wide range of services 7 days a week. Damage Restoration, Plumbing, General Contractors, and whatever you need - our team is available 24/7. We offer emergency services in cooperation with your insurance company whenever required to ensure you'll get your lives back on track as fast as possible.

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