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One of the key benefits of home remodeling services is that you can refresh the home at minimal costs turning it into more comfortable, better looking, and fully customized for your needs.


Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen you’ve always dreamed about is just a step away: your kitchen seems tight for the growing family, it needs to be renewed after the damage, or it is simply outdated — kitchen remodeling might be the most budget-friendly solution to renovate the kitchen making it trendy, functional, and enjoyable.

Open-space kitchen plans are gaining popularity, particularly in California, and many closed-kitchen opt for expanding space and change cooking & dining zoning via San Diego home remodeling services. For a kitchen makeover, you can remove a partition wall between a kitchen and a dining room, install a kitchen island, or just update the cabinetry or lighting scheme.


Bathroom Remodeling

Once you feel that a bathroom looks old-fashioned and you look with envy at recently launched stylish fixtures, designs, and materials, — bathroom remodeling is an affordable method to renovate the space, be it a small guest powder room or a spacious master bathroom. Sometimes renovation is also needed after severe water damage like a burst pipe or long-run leaky pipes that led to heavy mold infestation.

Experienced pros can restore your damaged bathroom or remodel the existing one to match your unique requirements, for instance, to install shower rails and built-in niches, renovate cabinetry and sanitary equipment, etc. In other words, remodeling specialists can manage renovations ranging from minor changes to full makeover.


Flooring and Remodeling

Flooring makes a huge difference in the overall house look and provides a solid background to the house's aesthetic. Regardless of the reasons (i.e., flooring became worn-out or damaged or you just look for a fresher flooring look), flooring remodeling is a grand update.

Our pros can explain the benefits of using various flooring materials (hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, or natural stone), reveal their benefits and downsides, and help you select the option that fits your requirements in terms of durability, maintenance, and costs. Our crew applies an individual approach to every project and guides you through all stages of floor renovation, including the choice of flooring materials, subfloor preparation, and new floor installation.

Whole House Remodel

A full renovation that involves remodeling several zones or room (terrace) addition is a huge step that increases the house’s market value significantly. Whether you decide to add a home office, bedroom, or an outdoor living space in San Diego, home remodeling services are exactly what you need to reconfigure and improve your beloved house.

Thanks to advanced technologies and innovative materials, home remodeling (San Diego County) takes much less time — for minor updates like smart home system installation you don’t even need to leave the house.

Home renovation seems grand and overwhelming but reputable home remodeling services take care of every stage. The qualified team will implement all your ideas and develop a custom-design plan to transform your home.

Restoration and Remodeling Services, San Diego

If you search for a business offering home remodeling services for damage mitigation, or remodeling services are required to renew a recently bought house, you’ve found the right company. We appreciate your time and deliver top-quality home improvement solutions, from flooring remodeling or room additions to whole home remodeling.

Look no further because we provide:

  • Individual approach to every project
  • Customized design and energy-efficient solutions to match your specific requirements and needs
  • Thorough project monitoring and paperwork.

Serving San Diego County

We are proud of being one of the trustworthy San Diego home remodeling contractors — attention to minor details, in-house quality control, and customer satisfaction are among our top priorities. Highly skilled specialists can manage restoration and remodeling projects of any complexity profile.

Whether you reside in La Mesa, Del Mar, Lemon Grove, Solana Beach, or any other San Diego County neighborhood, request a quote and our representative will provide free online or in-situ estimation. The dedicated crew specialized in home remodeling services will renovate your house in compliance with the strictest industry-specific standards.

Leave doubts behind and call us:

  • experienced pros will explain all stages of home remodeling (San Diego & neighborhoods), 
  • consult on budget-friendly yet high-quality materials and interior solutions, 
  • deal with local building codes if required, 
  • and transform the space into the home of your dreams.

Why us?

  1. Fully licensed and certified.
  2. The highly-qualified team of constructors, plumbers, and electricians.
  3. Comprehensive & customer-oriented service.

our customers reviews

  • A pipe burst in our living room after my brother turned on the heating. I googled restoration companies in San Diego and found this one. I contacted them and they arrived in an hour or so. The team lead assessed the damage and contacted our insurance company. A few days later the team professionally finished with all the necessary work and brought back our living room to pre-loss conditions. My family and I are happy with Re-Store Services’ job. Thank you very much.

    Dylan Maxweel

  • Staff was very helpful in finding a unit that fit our needs. They had plenty of options within our price range. The facility is excellent, everything was dry and fresh still after about 8 months packed in fairly tightly and the access and customer service really good too. Thanks!

    Tasha Goldberg
    California, San Diego

  • The pipe leaked in the house and there was a huge water leak at the property. As it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible, we called Re-Store Services for rescuing. They showed up right away and started the restoration process. The water wasn’t wasted, the pipe was fixed, the content was packed and removed, and we were dried out. Thanks for your quick and qualitative service.

    California, San Diego

  • I personally support family businesses and chose Re-Store Services for that reason. I did not regret this at all. They were so great! The company handled it in a very professional way. They contacted the insurance company, overviewed the damage, and explained to me what needed to be done and why. The result got beyond my expectation. I was surprisingly shocked by their speed and the great service. I definitely recommend this local company to anyone who needs their services. Thank you, guys.

    California, San Diego

  • I don’t know how to thank the company that saved our business property. We dialed them right after our small office got totally soaked from the fire department. In the next few hours, Re-Store Services was there to start the mitigation process. They did an excellent job. Our property is saved and we got back to business in three days.

    California, San Diego

  • Thank you guys! You did an amazing job helping me find a solution to my problem. Everything was perfect and fast! I don’t know where else to post my feedback on the service but I am thankful for the amazing job you did. Hopefully someone in corporate reads this and realize the amazing employee Re-Store Services has.

    Lyuba Kopylenko
    California, San Diego

  • Amazing service! Prompt, to the point, great quality of work. I should admit an impeccable communication from start to finish, that made the process so much easier for us. Def recommend and if there is a need again I know where to go! thank you!

    Tanya Z
    California, San Diego

  • Thanks to your company for the quality work. I didn't even think that we could restore everything. But your employees did well. Quite quickly, everything was restored to its original form.

    Floyd Tucker
    California, San Diego

  • I personally support family businesses and chose Re-Store Services for that reason. I did not regret this at all. They were so great! The company handled it in a very professional way. They contacted the insurance company, overviewed the damage, and explained to me what needed to be done and why. The result got beyond my expectation. I was surprisingly shocked by their speed and the great service. I definitely recommend this local company to anyone who needs their services. Thank you, guys!

    Stefania Mo
    California, San Diego

  • Re-Store Servies inspected our home thoroughly after our kitchen flooded. The guys came right away and set up dehumidifiers to ensure the room was dry. Thanks for removing the water!

    Claire Ruiz
    California, San Diego

  • Highly recommended! My family and I called Re-Store Services twice last year due to plumbing issues. They arrived and handled water damage very quickly. Thanks!

    Knara Vardanyan
    California, San Diego

  • Our apartment was horribly damaged by a water flood. It took three days for Re-store services guys to restore the kitchen and our living room. Thank you!

    Walter Thomas
    California, San Diego

who we are

We are a family-owned business helping to bring your properties to like-new conditions by providing the highest quality service to clients whose homes were damaged.

Some time ago, we suffered an unexpected ceiling collapse. Given our experience, we understand how challenging dealing with a disaster and its harmful effects can be. With this in mind, we treat your properties and families carefully to the highest professional standard.

Re-Store Services provides damage restoration services 7 days a week! Available 24/7, our professional team offers emergency services in close cooperation with your insurance provider to ensure you'll get your lives back on track as fast as possible.

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license 1101334

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