Have you been carrying plans to remodel a bathroom? Whichever reason is at the heart of bathroom renovation, whether this be changing a space layout, functionality, or aesthetics, it is always a good idea to make a bathroom attractive and comfortable to use. Re-Store Services offers an extensive range of bathroom improvement services, from installation/replacement of sanitary equipment, cabinetry redesign, bath to shower transformations to a full makeover.

Our team understands your worries on such a grand project, so you can request a free quote, and the Re-Store Services representative will provide on-site estimation, consult on the best solution within the available budget, and guide through the main stages of the upcoming renovation.

Bathrooms along with kitchens are probably the most commonly used zones of any home, so having a beautifully-designed and functional bathroom makes showering and bathing more relaxing and enjoyable. Another important aspect of a bathroom & home improvement project is the higher market price of a house.

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Is Bathroom Remodeling a Good Investment? Does It Upvalue a House in San Diego?

This is an unquestionable fact that an updated bathroom upvalues the property in the market. As for the housing market in San Diego County, real estate agents state that the return to capital of midrange bathroom remodeling is about 67%. In fact, the ROI is comparable to kitchen improvement but the bathroom remodel cost is much lower.

A leaky sink and yellowish stains on tiles can make anyone’s morning and evening routine unpleasant; what is even worse, is that an outdated bathroom might be a serious drawback if you plan to sell your house later. Whatever small size a bathroom is, a glossy and clean look is always appreciated. Whether for your personal value or future house resale, remodeling costs of replacing fixtures and renovating a bathroom look will work to your benefit.

Smart bathroom updates make a good investment that increases in value over time. As the Zillow’s study shows, the national average ROI for a midrange remodel is 70.1% (with a national average cost of $19,134), while the national average ROI for an upscale remodel is 56.2% (with a national average cost of $61,662).


  • Midrange renovation typically includes new fixtures (chrome), new ceramic flooring and surround, standard sanitary equipment, and a vanity counter with a solid surface. The finishes are durable and budget-friendly, but not premium.
  • Upscale remodels include partial structural transformations (changes in a bathroom layout), ceramic (optionally, heated) flooring, top-grade fixtures, stylish lighting fixtures, double-sink countertops made of natural stone, frameless shower enclosures, tiled walls and built-in niches, and freestanding tubs.
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Remodeling vs. Renovation

Although two terms are commonly used as synonyms, pros usually tell them apart. While remodeling typically refers to looks with no altering structure, renovation means significant changes and modification of the space. So, if you plan to change the bathroom layout altering plumbing lines, replace flooring, or modify walls – this is renovation; while cosmetic changes, sanitary equipment replacement, or new cabinet installation represent a remodeling project. 

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What is the Average Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in San Diego?

The total costs to remodel a bathroom may vary significantly. In fact, the bathroom remodel cost varies depending on the size of the bathroom, as well as the quality of chosen materials & supplies and the scale of work: whether you just replace the equipment, convert a tub into a shower, or opt for a full bathroom makeover.

Based on the data from shower remodel contractors across the US, Home Depot states that most projects fall into the range of $4,000 – $33,000. It can cost less if you make minor changes, or more if you ponder over a grand remodel using premium materials and equipment.

As for the costs to remodel bathrooms in San Diego neighborhoods, they range between $5,000 and $40,000, with an average of $11,000 -$15,000.

At present, San Diegans are much more concerned about the environmental impact and prioritize sustainability; hence, they tend to make different renovation choices, such as eco-friendly materials, water-saving fixtures, and power-saving appliances.  

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What Part of Bathroom Remodeling Is the Most Expensive?

This is a matter of dispute among shower remodel contractors: some consider labor as the most costly aspect of bathroom renovation, while others name tiling and plumbing. In fact, there is no contradiction here as both plumbing and tiling require lots of work. Thus, the most expensive area to remodel and renovate is the shower. Add here the installation of a shower enclosure, particularly a frameless one, and you definitely get the most costly part of the bathroom remodeling project.

For instance, if you consider moving a sink or a toilet, plumbing works will cost around $2,500-$3,000 per unit. A floor plan transformation involves significant plumbing costs, so this is an important factor to keep in mind.

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Bathroom Remodel Near Me? Upgrade Any Part of Your Bathroom! How Do We Do It?

Residing in San Diego, CA, be it Del Mar, La Mesa, or Poway, no need to search for “licensed bathroom contractors near me” because Re-Store Services, a remodeling company located in San Diego County, is always at your service:

  • A licensed company that offers a full range of remodeling and post-damage renovation services. We are committed to the highest industry standards and work in full compliance with existing regulations and building codes.
  • Liability insurance and worker compensation. Additionally, we guide customers through the insurance claim process in case of the insured event (i.e., post-damage restoration).
  • Trained pros equipped with advanced tools of industrial grade. To ensure top-grade performance we continuously upgrade the equipment and implement the most advanced technologies.
  • Emergency services are available 24/7.

At Re-Store Services, we implement an individual approach to every project setting customer satisfaction as our first priority. Our goal is to deliver not only superior results but also excellent, stress-free customer care experience.

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What do we do?

We approach every project with the client’s needs as our number one concern, so detailed planning is of the utmost importance.

  1. Planning. Whether you have a design concept or need a pro to develop the optimal interior design to maximize the available space and make it functional, we strive to turn your ideas into reality.
  2. Redesign and scheduling. This is the stage to select materials and new fixtures within the budget and to determine the time frame.
  3. Installation. While working on a project, we strive to bring minimal inconvenience to your family and house.
  4. Cleanup. When all works are completed, the team will clean up the place and get rid of debris.

Call us today, and we will send a representative to your place and soon you will enjoy a new, modern & stylish bathroom! 

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