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Unluckily, water damage is one of the most common plagues homeowners have to deal with. Burst pipes, flooding, clogged pipes and toilets may lead to frustrating consequences, such as soaked furniture, damaged flooring and walls, fungi growth, and electrical hazards.

The only right action in this situation is to hire a company specialized in residential water damage restoration as fast as possible. Qualified specialists have all the necessary tools, such as equipment for water extraction, dehumidifiers, IR lamps for mold detection, etc. They will check your house for any structural damage and offer a budget-friendly restoration plan.



The term “fire” sounds scary and dangerous on its own. But damage from fire and smoke can also be hazardous due to odors, ash, and the results of any chemical reactions that took place. All sorts of contaminants can put your family at risk. Thus, you’d better contact the fire damage restoration service as soon as possible.

The skilled crew has the required expertise and task-specific equipment & supplies to renew your property. The emergency service removes debris, performs HVAC duct cleaning, deodorizes, and restores flooring and walls if required.


Mold Remediation

Mold growth is one of the worst nightmares for all homeowners. It can appear on its own or as a result of leaking pipes and water damage. The worst thing is that mold is not always visible but it poses a threat to your health as it is one of the most hazardous contaminants. Additionally, it might lead to structural damage in the long run. That is why trained pros always check for mold growth while dealing with leaks and flooding.

Mold can appear in any moist environment. When you notice a musty smell, dark patches and spots on walls and floor, or suddenly get allergy symptoms, you need to call residential mold remediation services urgently.



Storms can be extremely destructive: from cable breaking and electrical shorts to severe flooding or even structural damage. In any case, do not try to fix anything yourself! As fast as possible contact residential storm damage restoration pros — the qualified team can evaluate the extent of damage and carry out all repair works, including removing excess water, checking for any damaged electrical cables and power supplies, and restoring structural disruption.

Available 24/7 the emergency restoration team understands how stressful it is to face the consequences of a natural disaster, so the qualified specialists will arrive at the site with the necessary equipment to restore your house back to its original condition in the shortest possible time.



Heavy rain, flooding, and wildfires are just some examples of how bad weather can set pressure on your home. From a tree fallen on the roof to a flooded basement, weather-related damages must be treated by professionals. Slack water can lead to mold and bacterial growth within a couple of days.

To avoid further damage and hazardous effects of mold infestation, you need pros with expertise in home restoration. Our fully-certified team is ready to respond 24/7. Fully equipped with advanced tools for conducting plumbing and electrical works, water removal, drying, and mold treatment, the crew will take care of everything.



Slab leaks are nasty because in most cases they are invisible to the naked eye. Although you can still assume that there is a slab leak in your home if you notice the following signs: a damp smell, a wet place on the basement floor, visible mold and/or mold smell, higher than the average water bill.

To detect a suspected slab leak, hire a licensed contractor offering residential restoration services. Qualified plumbers equipped with advanced tools can locate the damaged pipe and fix it. Besides, the crew can check your house for mold infestation because increased humidity is the ideal environment for mold contamination.

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Re-Store Services is a family-owned business which offers the best restoration services to clients whose homes have been damaged. We are an IICRC-certified company with a full range of services, licensed and insured plumbing, and general building contractors.

We feel your pain because we also dealt with an unexpected ceiling collapse once. So, we understand how challenging dealing with a disaster and its harmful effects can be because of our experience. With this in mind, we use advanced techniques and the highest professional standards to treat your homes and families.

Re-Store Services provides a wide range of services 7 days a week. Damage Restoration, Plumbing, General Contractors, and whatever you need - our team is available 24/7. We offer emergency services in cooperation with your insurance company whenever required to ensure you'll get your lives back on track as fast as possible.

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