Plumbing issues in sewer and drain pipes can be hard to detect. With advances in technology, trying to locate the problem doesn’t involve digging up exploratory holes anymore. Rather, a professional inspects the pipelines and sewer systems with a small camera.

Usually, the city or municipality is not responsible for plumbing repairs on residential property. That means that homeowners are obligated to maintain their sewer lines that run to the main underground sewer pipe. An accurate and time-saving piping network checkup utilizes a plumbing camera that allows pros to evaluate the condition of your pipes in real time.

A proper inspection once in a while is going to save you money on any possible plumbing issues and let you avoid expensive repairs.

How Do You Inspect a Drain?

As the name implies, drain camera inspection services deploy a dedicated digital drain camera for the thorough examination of a drainage system. A high-resolution camera linked by a hose to a digital display helps to inspect pipes of all sizes for the presence of clogs, cracks, corrosion, and so on.

Sewer camera inspections carried out by pros are used for the detection of:


Drain Camera Inspection Services: Key Benefits

  • Reasonable rates. Regular servicing is always a money-saver as it allows you to locate minor issues in order to avoid a sudden disaster that can result in costly repairs.
  • High accuracy. An all-digital plumbing camera connected to a flexible hose shows the state of the pipes and sends the image to the display. For a qualified specialist, this is the most precise way to pin down a problem. The checkup process can be recorded and stored on a data carrier for further assessment.
  • Non-invasive problem detection. Years ago, to detect a problem, plumbers would need to cut into walls or dig through your yard to locate a leak. Armed with a hi-tech drain camera, pros can see every inch of your otherwise hidden drainage system without unearthing the pipes.  
  • Prevention of severe plumbing complications. Minor clogs can lead to burst pipes if not addressed quickly, cracks and small leaks can result in mold growth and flooding that are much more expensive to mitigate and require home restoration afterwards. You can extend the lifespan of your pipes with appropriate care.
  • Preliminary check before buying a new home. If you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, request an inspection prior to purchasing a new house. Inexpensive and fast checkup saves you from unexpected issues and problems-induced headaches.
  • Preliminary check before remodeling. You may need a camera inspection before adding a bathroom or remodeling your kitchen in order to make sure that your pipes can handle the increase in wastewater.
Drain Camera Inspection Services

Why Re-Store Services?

Our pros use industrial-grade tools for sewer camera inspections. Innovative technologies ensure fast and accurate diagnostics of various plumbing complications. When you face frequent malfunction of the sewage piping, we do recommend scheduling a drain camera inspection. Routine checkups with a sewer camera help pros assess the pipe condition and decide whether pipes need cleaning, repairing, or replacing. You can monitor the process together with Re-Store Services technicians in real time and get a copy of the inspection & a report saved on a flash memory.

Do not hesitate to call the Re-Store Services team to make an appointment for a sewer camera inspection!

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