Water Damage Restoration in San Diego County

Anywhere anyone can face a flooding or water disaster. Water may runoff from a neighbor’s property or rivers may overflow the shores. Seeping water damage is progressive leaving valuable objects permanently damaged. If water-damaged walls and floors are left untreated, harmful bacteria can make you sick and linger on your belongings. That’s why it is so important to take immediate steps to reduce the amount of long-term damage. possible. Dealing with water damage is difficult on your own. In this case, we advise you to call us. Re-Store Services will handle any water damage emergency in San Diego.

Why should you choose us for water damage restoration?

  1. We have certificates. You can trust us with your house restoration.
  2. We can help you anytime- our team works 24/7.
  3. We respond to your calls right away. It takes us a few seconds.
  4. High-level professionals joined our team. We faced difficult emergency cases and managed together to pass these challenges successfully.
  5. We have special equipment for all services we provide.
  6. We guarantee our clients the best result.
  7. We work with Insurance Companies. It allows you to save time..

Our water damage restoration company is one of the best in San Diego

We are a professional team of specialists who love what we do and care about our customers. Over the past years, we have gained extensive knowledge, which we apply in our work. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-quality service for every client. These include professional service, hospitality, and effective communication. We use the latest equipment in the industry and our expertise doesn’t stop with it. We are a company with a future vision. For us, this means adding new products, technologies, and services along the way.

Disaster - what to do?

Insurance companies

We work closely with insurance companies to fix damage caused by water disasters. Most home insurance policies cover water damage when it is sudden or accidental. To successfully file a water damage claim, call us. We will arrive at your place, record the damages with you, file an insurance claim and help you to navigate the insurance claims management process. With a trusted company such as Re-Store Services, you can rest knowing that with us you will get the most from your insurance coverage.

Our level of expertise is high. If you live in San Diego County, you can trust us with the following:

  1. Flood restoration.
  2. Standing water.
  3. Structural Drying.

These services for water damage can be provided both separately and together. It depends on the level of consequences that were affected by flooding.

6 Simple Water Damage Restoration Steps how we perform to make your house dry

If you want to know how we perform water damage restoration in San Diego County, find the steps below.

  1. Inspection and evaluation. Firstly, our specialists determine the degree of the damage.
  2. Water removal. The next step – is the emergency liquidation of water. We use the latest and special equipment to perform this task.
  3. Dehumidification. This is the first stage in removing the consequences of flooding.
  4. Cleaning. At this step, we delete any visible pollution in your house.
  5. Disinfection. Water is a great environment for microbes and fungi. Therefore, it is very important to disinfect your furniture and other items before they cause some damage to it and your health. Timely performing this action protects you from big spending on repair and treatment.
  6. Restoration and repair. This is the most difficult step because we need additional time to make your house look like before or even better.
Steps to Water damage restoration

If you are looking for a water damage restoration company, contact us and save your time and property. We work 24/7. Provide on-site evaluation and work directly with your insurance company to make the water damage restoration experts as fast as possible.

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