Climate changes caused by global warming bring on unstable weather and various natural disasters, such as unpredictable wind, wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Natural calamities usually result in property damage of different degrees that need urgent repairs. Minor casualties can be fixed on your own but in most cases, storm damage restoration requires professional assistance. You need to contact a reliable contractor to repair your home in compliance with all existing safety regulations.

Our experts provide on-site damage assessment and put forward a plan for storm damage restoration works based on the highest industry standards. Your safety and security of your belongings are our top priority. The experienced crew is fully equipped with moisture meters, dehumidifiers, air movers, and IR cameras to repair your home with minimal discomfort for your family.

Based in San Diego, California, we provide restoration services throughout San Diego County. The team of trained pros can handle storm remediation of both residential and commercial disaster-hit properties. All technical works are conducted in strict compliance with safety guidelines by licensed specialists. Regardless of the scope of the damage, be it from a hail storm, heavy rain, or tornado, the team strives to meet the client’s requirements and provides the following range of storm remediation services.

1. Storm Damage inspection

The preliminary but crucial stage of the restoration. Reputable restoration companies give special consideration to a thorough inspection of damage done to the building. For example, standing water is visible to the unaided eye but early mold formation requires a qualified and experienced professional with an IR camera to determine hidden moisture – and mold-affected areas. If left unnoticed, mold can spread quickly leading to further problems, including weakening of the construction and health issues due to pathogens.

2. Detailed Storm damage assessment

Once we’ve inspected the damaged property, we map out an operation forecast and calculate the restoration costs in full coordination with a property owner. Experienced pros will advise on the most efficient and budget-friendly restoration plan.

3. Coordination with your insurance company

Besides repairing the damaged property you have another challenge — dealing with your insurance company. We provide thorough damage evaluation and assist with insurance claims.

4. General safety evaluation

The havoc you face after any natural disaster may lead to frustration. However, professional contractors are fully aware of any potential dangers and conduct a safety inspection of the construction. There is nothing more important than the safety of your family, so before the execution of repair works our experts check the safety of the construction, power source system, pollution (in case of water intrusion and flooding), and air quality.

5. Evacuation of damaged items

Before getting down to work, the crew will remove weatherworn and destroyed construction materials.

6. Water removal and treatment of affected surfaces

Water intrusion, be it flooding or rain having hit through a damaged roof, represent a potential hazard that may result in weakened structures, toxic mold infestation, bacteria growth, and poor air quality. Thus, you need to take prompt action to restore the negative impact of water. A reputable contractor has special equipment to fight the consequences of water damage. Dehumidifying is required to prevent further construction damage and ensure a mold-free home.

7. Restoration of affected areas

Once the moisture-affected surfaces have been dried out and treated with antimicrobial agents, the crew proceeds to the construction and storm damage restoration works.

8. Final cleanup and inspection of the building

When all the construction works are completed, the crew will fine-tune the restoration with a final cleanup to eliminate any evidence of repairs.

Unfortunately, California residents are no strangers to roof storm damage and flooding. Hence, you need a trusted company that is located nearby to take care of your home restoration. If you are looking for storm damage restoration emergency services in San Diego County, our experienced qualified specialists are available 24/7 and ready to restore your home to its original condition.

Request a free online quote, and the professional crew will take care of all recovery works required after your home has been damaged by the storm. Armed with industrial-grade equipment, advanced antimicrobial agents, and extensive experience, our team will bring your property back to its pre-damage (or even better) condition in the shortest possible time.

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