Water and Flood Damage Restoration FAQs

What is the first thing I should do after water damage?

The first thing to do is to call Re-Store Services immediately to assess your property and begin restoration work.

What to do after a flood in my house?

The first priorities are to ensure that all of your family members and pets are safe. Stop the water at its source, turn off electricity, evacuate premises, call Re-Store Services for help.

Do I need a permit for water damage restoration?

Water damage restoration is a complex process that requires a professional restoration company offering water damage services. Re-Store Services is such a company that has the expertise, professional equipment and knowledge to deal with such issues. Also, we have the permits for inspection and restoration that are legally required in the United States of America.

Mold Remediation FAQs

Does a flooded house cause mold?

Yes, flooding is a common cause of mold and moisture in the house. When your house gets flooded, it leads to the growth of mold. If you detect it after the flood, you should call Re-Store Services company that provides mold remediation services.

Can I find the mold and fix the problem by myself?

Some types of mold are harmful to the health of your family. We would not recommend you to clean it yourself. This is a task that is better left in the hands of Re-Store Services professionals.

Can you stay at home during mold remediation?

If just a small surface area is infested with mold, there’s no need to move out. However, the contaminated zone should be isolated until the completion of the work. In instances when mold covers a massive area, a majority of public health experts advise leaving the place until the remediation of mold is completed.

What makes makes mold grow?

Mold enters your house as tiny spores that need moisture to grow and destroy. Mold grows on any surface. For instance, mold grows ceiling tiles, wallpaper, wood, carpet and insulations.

Can I control mold growth?

Yes, you can control mold growth by keeping your property dry.

How long does the mold removal process take?

It depends on how much mold is present and the materials it grows on. For Re-Store Services team, it takes from one day to five days to remove the mold. Contact us for the remediation process.

Is mold remediation covered by insurance?

Given that standard insurance covers perils like a burst pipe, the insurance defrays mold remediation fees. Remember: cases of fungal outgrowth due to lack of maintenance are often denied, so if a sink has been dripping for months inciting the fungi outgrowth, expenditures aren’t reimbursed.

How much does mold remediation cost?

The average cost of mold remediation is $2,260 but actual costs range from $1,110 to $3,410 influenced by multiple factors. More read in our article

Weather Damage Restoration FAQs

Does the insurance policy cover weather damage consequences?

Yes, storm, water or flood damage may be covered by your insurance policy, you need to get specifics about your particular coverage.

If I can’t find the damage to my house after the storm, do I need a storm repar?

Sometimes it’s hard to find storm damage to your house. The structural changes can occur over time. For instance, your house may have a roof damage that cannot be seen initially but can cause deterioration of your roof later.

Commercial Buildings Restoration FAQs

How long does it takes to restore the commercial building?

It depends on the type of damage the uilding suffered, the size of your proprety, the nuber of furnishing inside and other issues lines after a damage.

How much does restoration cost?

Re-Store Service will contact your insurance company and make sure therepair and replacements are cvered by your insurance.

Slab Leak Detection FAQs

How to know if I have a slab leak?

It’s hard to tell for sure whether you have a slab leak, since pipes are covered under the slab. To indicate a slab leak contact Re-Store Services for slab leak detetction.

What should I do if I detect a slab leak?

Call Re-Store Services for emerency assiatnce. Re-Store Services team will help to prevent the problem and repair the slab leak.

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