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It’s always a good idea to call an emergency roof leak repair company following a major weather event. Sometimes all damages cannot be seen from the ground, so calling professionals is the reliable way of confirming your roof wasn’t damaged.

Yes, a roof leak is difficult to find, hard to fix, and it is a little scary for property owners since the physical condition may put the liveability of their property at major risk especially if the roof leak is significant.

What are the most common & warning signs of a leaking roof?

First, check your property for water stains on your ceiling, and see if there are any water spots that can be early signs of leaks.

  • Check if there are any damp spots around the interior, and also see if drywall and electrical outlets look moist or damp.
  • Are there any dripping signs inside your house?
  • Do you spot the musty smell in your house?
  • Are there any water stains on the rafter on the top floors?
  • Don’t forget to check a roof leak sign around your property. Examine if there is no roof rot or discoloured shingles.
  • Do you see a change in color or appearance of your roof?
  • Do you spot any damage around your roof vents?
  • Do you spot mold or moss on your interior and exterior walls?

Don’t panic, remember that’s important to examine your roof for signs of leaks. Even if you were lucky enough and your property relatively stayed unscathed, it’s important to know the type of roof you have and how long your roof may last.

How to find a roof leak?

Start by looking for any holes, or other visible damage to the roof from the outside. For instance, roof penetrations you may find around the plumbing, chimneys, dormers, and other construction projects through the roof. Look for water stains, mold, and dampness along with the framing and underside of your roof. Stay on secure framing and be careful with the insulation and topside of the ceiling- stay away from these areas.

Experts advise you to “think like water” when you look for a water leak.

Where usually roof leaks located?

Usually, you can find roof leaks in the vent pipe, the chimney the roof valets, around the dormers, damaged shingles, ice damming, and other structural issues. Ice damming is the trickiest type of roof leak to diagnose because you can find the leaks only when the temperature is warm enough for the ice to melt, so the water can come through.


We advise you to call specialists while placing a bucket under drips first. You may also patch your roof leak temporarily when the weather is clear. However, call the professionals to assess the damage and determine the source of a roof leak, the location, and the type of roof that needs to be fixed.
If you desperately want to fix it by yourself, take some plastic polyethene sheeting to cover the leaking section of the roof, wrap it around spots, and tape it in place. This way you will keep moisture and water away from your house until the roof can be repaired.


To fix it from the inside, you need to craft a temporary patch using plywood, extra shingles, and roofing tar. Then use a putty knife to spread the roofing tar around the leak from the inside, place the plywood on the tar, and spread more around the edges.

If you feel comfortable working at heights on the top of the roof, you can try to fix your roof by yourself. For instance, once you find leaks around the plumbing vent boots or metal bases that cover pipes on the roof – you can replace the boots. You can purchase them at your local home improvement store as well as step flashing, which is also easy to replace on your own. Another common roof leak reason is damaged caulk. All you need to do is dig around near the damaged area with a putty knife and once you findspot, add more caulk to seal the area. But remember, caulk is not a long-term solution for big leaks.

What is a solution for a small leak?

If your ceiling has a plastic vapor barrier between the drywall and the attic insulation, try to look for flow stains on the plastic because water runs usually in the vapor barrier. Also, we would advise you to do at the underside of the roof for shiners (nails). You can spot moisture escaping into the cold attic from rooms on cold nails. It may look white because it might be frosted if the weather temperature is low. If you find it, clip the shiners with side-cutting pliers.

As a matter of fact, roof leaks during storms in the summertime or snowfalls during winter, happen due to poor flashing. Did you know that the soffit that meets the roof is area hard to waterproof? Yes, an ice dam occurs when the snow melts and hits the colder edges of your roof. The answer is good flashing, which will stop leaks from rainfalls and from the ice dams, and improved attic insulation and ventilation. They are the best ways to prevent ice dams and leaks from rainfalls.

A roof leak can be complicated to find, but if you notice a water leak on your roof yourself, or you track down the water stains on your ceiling, or if you see the water running down your walls, it is an obvious sign that you need good expert workmanship should be delivered to restore your damaged roof as soon as possible before even more damage to your property has occurred.
Have a look over your roof warranty, consider your insurance coverage and go through the policies regarding fixes that you may perform in case of a roof leak. Find a professional roofing contractor and restoration company that can navigate the tricky areas, and make sure the repair and replacements are covered by insurance.

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