Get ready for christmas. Fire safety tips

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Did you know that it takes less than one minute to burn down a dried-out Christmas tree compared to a well-watered one?

Placing leads, misuse of equipment and appliances close to heat and dried-out Christmas trees lead to causes of fire. These easy mistakes can ruin your holidays. For that reason, it’s important to be extra careful during a fun time at Christmas.

Below are a few safety tips, which will help you keep your great wintertime of fire risks.

  • Avoid hanging Christmas decorations near candles, fireplaces, dried-out. Christmas trees, Christmas lights and heaters. Decorate above these areas
  • Check the standards of your Christmas lights
  • Use LED lights. They are lower voltage, and generate less heat
  • Unplug electricals when you are not around them and switch them off at the wall sockets
  • Be careful with burning candles. Your blanket or Christmas tree can easily catch the tip of the candle flame. Keep candles away from the decorations.
  • Be careful with your head while cooking and turn everything off once you have finished with cooking Christmas dinner.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays and have a fantastic time!

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