What To Do For Flooded Carpet. Can it be saved?

Restoration of carpets after flooding

After a flood, carpets should not be neglected. Saving carpets is more cost-effective than replacing them. Successful carpet cleaning depends on age, quality, pad, installation type and other key factors. However, a good restoration company can restore the carpet knowing the type of floodwater involved. For instance, there are three main types of floodwater: clean water, contaminated greywater, blackwater.

how long can carpet stay wet?

  1. Clean water from a broken pipe that has not mixed with contaminants. Professionals can restore the carpet if it has been wet for less than 24-48 hours. It can be saved through proper sanitation & remediation procedures.
  2. Contaminated greywater can cause sickness if swallowed or if it touches the body. Examples include overflow from dishwashers, washing machines, toilets & sump pump failures. If it happens then the padding needs to be replaced, and the carpet can be salvaged within the next 48 hours.
  3. The third type of floodwater is blackwater. It is highly contaminated with pathogens and harmful agents. This includes sewage, toilet backflows, rivers, water from hurricanes, storms and other weather-related events. It is possible for carpets to get cleaned in this case, but it is impossible if water saturated them.
Flooded Carpet

How To Dry Carpet After Flood?

Only a professional damage restoration company can inspect the carpet problem and restore it. However, the faster you call us, the better your chance of saving the carpet efficiently by avoiding the high replacement cost. If you are dealing with a flooded carpet problem, contact professionals. Re-Store Services experts will arrive to inspect your property & your carpet problem, evaluate the entire water damage incident, and mitigate and remediate the entire loss, not just the carpet.

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