When to Hire a General Contractor or Restoration Contractor?

Whenever you give a thought to improving a home or restoring it after damage and start searching for remodeling services, you get confused about how to differentiate a general contractor from a restoration contractor. Well, what specialist will be a better choice for remodeling a kitchen, water damage mitigation, or post-damage remodeling? All questions are clarified below.

What Is a General Contractor?

In brief, a general contractor is specialized in new construction, as well as remodeling. So, whenever you decide to build anything new or remodel a house (add an extension or redesign the interior), a general contractor carries out the job from A to Z.

Larger companies have teams consisting of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, construction workers, and sometimes even designers or architects. Some companies cooperate with dedicated subcontractors. 

Note that cosmetic home updates aren’t usually covered by the policy, hence you need to prepare funds to cover the expenses. 

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What Is a Restoration Contractor?

A restoration contractor can restore your property after it has been damaged. For example, when a property is destroyed as a result of water or fire damage, a homeowner has to search for a water restoration contractor or fire restoration contractor, accordingly. Restoration requires specific knowledge, skills, and equipment (IR detectors, moisture meters, dehumidifiers, etc.); general construction specialists don’t always have the expertise in the restoration of damaged structures. Hence, a restoration contractor is needed to restore a house/office to its initial condition.

Insurance companies usually cover damage restoration; however, insurance terms and conditions may vary. Thus, call a water restoration contractor to evaluate the scale of damage and repair costs. The same applies to fire restoration contractors. Local pros will help you to file a claim and negotiate with the policy provider.  

In fact, some insurance restoration contractors offer remodeling services too. Yet still, remember that remodeling services aren’t typically covered by insurance. When you consider remodeling your home after it has been damaged by water or fire, ask the restoration contractor about coverage, so that you could plan your budget.

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How to Select a Contractor?

A choice of a contractor depends on the work type: repair & restore, remodel, or construction.

If you face water or fire damage, search for a damage restoration contractor. The faster you hire a contractor, the faster the damage will be eliminated at lower costs. Seek a company that provides emergency services, so that pros could tackle the problem as fast as possible.

For remodeling projects, except for post-damage renewal, you can opt for both types of contractors. In this case, you have more time to look for a company and discuss ideas and remodeling plans.

What Are Signs of a Good Contractor?

Finding a trustworthy contractor is like a challenging quest. To streamline the search process, use the checklist below to filter scams and identify trustworthy contractors.

  • License. The first thing you need to make sure of is that a chosen company has a license for providing construction/remodeling services.
  • Locality. Give preference to local contractors as they are well aware of building codes in the neighborhood.
  • Experience. Ask a contractor about the portfolio as not all companies are experienced with both commercial and residential property. Even a contractor that has hundreds of successful commercial property projects might not be the optimal choice for remodeling your house.
  • Reviews. Use third-party platforms to read reviews about local contractors or ask colleagues and friends for first-hand references.
  • Estimation. Most remodeling services contractors offer free online and on-site estimation. Once you’ve selected several (at least three) companies, request quotes to ensure the services will fit the budget.
  • Insurance. A reliable contractor must have a certificate of insurance. Don’t hire an uninsured company as you might be liable for unfortunate incidents occurring on your property.  
  • Deposit. An industry standard is one-third of the total amount as a deposit. Definitely, a company will request a deposit to cover the costs of required permits and to order supplies. To secure yourself, pay via bank card or checks; avoid cash in any events (except for tips). If a contractor asks for a large cash deposit, this is a red flag and a clear indication to look for another company.
  • Contract. No unwritten or gentlemen’s agreements, all details must be specified in a contract. Generally, an agreement contains start and finish dates, payment terms, project plans (layouts, materials, and so on), warranties, breach of a contract, and additional conditions (potential delays which may affect the schedule; for instance, a leaky pipe discovered during the project.)
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Re-Store Service — Remodels, Restorations, and Repairs

We provide both restoration and remodeling services in San Diego County, from emergency repairs to full reconstruction of both residential and commercial property. The crew is ready to set off 24/7 upon your call within minutes to tackle the damage.   

  • Home remodeling. Be it post-damage restoration, room addition, or kitchen remodeling, our team has the necessary experience to carry out projects of any scale at the top level.
  • Insurance restoration. We help our clients to deal with claims and coverage.
  • Home repairs. From a minor faucet leak to the restoration of water or fire-damaged property, the Re-Store Service team is one call away from you.  
  • Commercial remodeling. We help various businesses to renovate and adjust their commercial property to their needs. A renewed interior and exterior of an office or a shop will increase its functionality and performance and attract new clients.

If you reside in Poway, Carlsbad, Coronado, or any other San Diego neighborhood, call us or request a quote online, and the Re-Store Service crew will come to your rescue promptly.

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