What happens if you have a slab leak?

Detecting a leak in a concrete slab under the floor in a San Diego home

If you suspect a slab leak, that means that you probably have costly problems with the foundation of the house. For owners, it’s important to understand what caused a slab leak, how to identify one, and what are the options to repair it.

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how to find slab leak?

To detect a slab leak, look around the building and see if there is a leak on your floor and walls. The slab in your home is usually the concrete floor of your basement on which the house is built. Do not neglect slab leaks: check the house for wall and foundation cracks, high water bills, bad odors, uneven floors and water pressure. If you don’t pay attention to these significant signs- they can cause your house to shift and even sink.

However, we would advise homeowners to schedule regular plumbing maintenance once a year to make sure everything is okay.

What Are Causes Of A Slab Leaks?

External pressure from soil erosion, ground shifts and earthquakes.

If the earth under your house moves for any of the reasons, it can put pressure on the pipes thus causing leaks and potential burst pipes.

Bad installation

If your pipes were dented during the installation process, they may cause a pinhole leak over time.


Yes, corrosion can also cause slab leaks in your house. Your pipes are at high risk of abrasive forces since they contact with the rise and fall of temperature.


The water quality is different in every state, but also it may affect the speed at which your pipes corrode. Whether there is excessive hardness or excessive softness, it can still corrode pipes.


In case of extended periods of corrosion, or pressure in your underground pipes, a slab leak can occur. For that reason. It’s important to call professionals to detect and fix the problem. The sooner a slab leak is addressed, the better.

slab leak repair options

Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak In Your Building

High water bills

High water bills

If you don’t understand why your water bill is high, it is probably a sign that something is amiss. A slab leak will cause your bill to rise. Call Re-Store Services to stop water leaks so that next month’s bill won’t cost you an arm.

Damp spots on the floor

Damp spots on the floor

Since water accumulates beneath your house, it goes up and as the leak continues, it might reach your home’s flooring and damage it.

Bad odor of mold and mildew

Bad odor of mold and mildew

If water from a slab leak has made its way to your home flooring, mold is an inevitable consequence. Look around to detect any damps to darkened carpet spots and see if there is a smell of mildew. Investigate the spot and call Re-Store Services for advice.

Hot spots on the floor

If you have an underground hot water leak, hot water leaking will probably heat up the flooring above it.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure

This is an obvious sign of a slab leak. When water is escaping the pipes beneath the concrete foundation of your house, there will be less water if you turn on the faucets.

Running water sounds

Running water sounds

The sounds of constantly running water are a clear sign that your pipes are leaking. This problem must be addressed immediately so the water heater can take a breather.

All the signs of a slab leak above demonstrate how important it is to call professionals to check it out. Remember, as soon you call a professional crew, as faster you prevent expensive damage.

how Detect water leak in A house?

  1. Make sure your water-using appliances are turned off. There should be no water running at all.
  2. Locate your water meter box outside
  3. Remove the cover, take a look at the meter face and see if there is water moving through the pipes.
  4. If the leak detection dial is moving, you have a leak.
  5. If the leak detection dial isn’t moving, write down the number shown on the dial, wait 30 minutes and check the meter number again. If the water meter records a. higher number- you have a hidden water leak.

This is known as water leak detection, but it won’t tell you if you have a slab leak.

slab leak repair options

 Jackhammering. Call professionals to jackhammer out the section of concrete that contains the pipe to cut out the leaking part and replace it.

 Rerouting plumbing pipes. Another option is rerouting your entire water line around the slab by cutting the water lines going into your slab and capping them. They added a new water line to bypass the slab entirely and deliver water all throughout the house.

slab leak detection

Fortunately, Re-Store Services can help you detect and repair a slab leak in your property, no matter what kind of repair you need. Contact us today. We are working on all your emergency restoration issues in San Diego County, California. Not only do we have experts to detect and repair the leak but also deliver the best water damage restoration services in San Diego.

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