What To Do If Your Home Floods?

Water Damage Restoration in Poway

Water damage is bad news. What to do when your home floods?

Flooding can cause water damage which can be expensive, smelly, and sometimes even dangerous for human beings. Usually, we are unprepared for flooding and not sure how to handle it. The first step is to respond immediately by calling the right organization. Time is of the essence, especially when every minute costs a lot and there is a risk of long-term damage. You should waste no time and follow the certain rules:

First of all, remember that safety first

If the ceilings are sagging, leave the house and do not enter the building. Do not forget to turn off water and electricity before examining. Do not come into contact with contaminated water, which can be anything from a laundry pipe having burst in your home, to a waterflood caused by rain. If water has been in your place for more than 24 hours, please wear a mask to avoid breathing in mold spores and other harmful bacteria. Be careful, try to prevent slipping or tripping.

Second of all, do not stress the overall situation

Do not get nervous, think about any valuables you may have in affected areas, and if you can remove them away in a safe & dry place. Try to stop a flow before it seeps into your walls and floors down.

Third of all, call into professional restoration company.

You can definitely call Re-Store Services if you live in California County and ask us what we would recommend you do first. Depending on the cause of flooding, how much water is on your property, and safety factors, we will give you some advice. If it’s not dangerous, you should use a wet-dry vacuum, use some buckets, and towel dry certain areas. If the flooding is dangerous and severe, then you should wait for help to arrive.

Last but not least, protect your possessions

Remove items from the floors as these can stain the carpet underneath. Try to pit a dry layer between the legs of your heavy furniture and the wet floor to protect the furniture and the floor. For instance, if your furniture is with metal legs, it can leave rust stains on the carpet and your wood floors.

Follow the advice above. They will help with the water damage cleanup process. Remember, the earlier and the faster you deal with the flood, the lesser damage it will cause.  The best way to deal with water damage is by calling professionals who can assist you with your insurance claim and help you to deal with the restoration process. Call Re-Store Services 24/7 for help.

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