The Importance of Water Damage Restoration Services

Any incidents, be it burst piping, leaky faucet, or heavy rains, resulting in water damage are frustrating and sometimes require high-cost repair works. Hence, many homeowners postpone water damage restoration and seek DIY solutions. However, postponing repairs may unintentionally intensify the damage, worsening the situation and piling up expenses. Excess water ignored for prolonged periods might trigger more destructive consequences, undermining or weakening the structure of a house, ruining your belongings, and provoking mold infestation. Timely water damage restoration prevents the wrecking effects of unwanted water and high moisture content inside the house and saves you money.  

Why Water Remediation Is Important?

Seeing your precious home destroyed by water is quite stressful and obviously, any homeowner wishes to bring it back to normal ASAP. In fact, prompt water damage restoration is indeed crucial as it bars you from:

Higher costs

When you opt for certified water damage restoration service as first go after the incident, you actually pay less compared to delayed repairs or DIY attempts. Pros inspect your home, evaluate the scope of work, develop a work schedule, and estimate costs. They get down to work immediately as the longer excess water stays, the more destructive its impact is.

Puffed-up flooring, wet carpeting & furniture, wet walls, and mold spots appearing and invading larger areas aren’t all aftereffects you might deal with if water damage isn’t addressed straight away. Add here the risk of the electrical appliances malfunctioning, so the total costs may increase dramatically if you put off repairs.  

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Health problems

Water damage can pose a significant threat to house inhabitants’ health if not mitigated and treated swiftly.

Contaminated water from burst waste pipes can contain harmful bacteria and microbes responsible for such diseases as amebiasis, dysentery, and giardiasis. The worst thing is that viruses and bacteria remain on affected surfaces even when excess water has been dried out.

Stagnant clean water can be hazardous too. Besides attracting various insects such as cockroaches, mites, or mosquitoes, excess water might lead to mold growth (24-48 hours is enough for mold to develop). Environments with high moisture content are perfect for mold spores’ propagation. Mold spores are toxic to humans and pets. People with allergic reactions and asthma are particularly vulnerable; healthy people might also suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, or rash, though.

If smaller mold spots in the bathroom can be removed using DIY solutions, larger mold patches on drywalls or flooring should be treated by pros equipped with dedicated IR mold detectors, dehumidifiers, and tools for mold remediation to prevent mold recurrence.

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Structural damage

Structural damage and related expenses represent yet another disadvantage of delayed remediation. Ignored leaks may result in weakening the entire house construction which can cost thousands to be fixed.

To avert unfortunate situations and mitigate destruction, water damage restoration experts recommend:

  • Maintenance of the plumbing system. A scheduled once-a-year inspection might save you money in the long run as worn-out pipes and tiny leaks can be detected and fixed before the problem looms large.
  • Maintenance of the roof and drainage system. Quite often lack of regular maintenance results in roof leaks.
  • Sump pump installation. In case of natural disaster, for instance, a prolonged rainy season, a sump pump installed in a basement might be handy to prevent flooding inside the home.
  • Call local water damage specialists ASAP whenever you spot excess water. 24-48 hours will be enough for mold spores to spread. To avoid greater damage, call pros at the first signs of unwanted water.  

Whenever you have to deal with water damage, do not delay cleanup and repairs to stave off undesirable consequences. The optimal solution is to get in touch with a trusted local water damage restoration crew providing emergency services and ready to be off 24/7.

The Re-Store Services team operates in San Diego County and provides a broad range of certified repair and after-damage restoration services. Our crew is available 24/7. Contact us, and fully equipped pros will tackle water damage of any scale and re-establish the destroyed house to its finest condition.  

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