What to do if sink overflows?

The Purpose of a Bathroom Sink Overflow

Overflowing sink – Water damage

When it comes to water damage from a sink flood, there is a bigger problem than you might think. On average, Americans waste more than a trillion gallons of water each year. One of the reasons for such a big number is mostly due to a leaking pipe, faulty toilets and kitchen faucets. An overflowing sink and broken pipes can damage your home. Be careful about that and make sure you minimize the damage from a sink flood. 


Even if you shut off the water immediately and make efforts to dry everything yourself, remember that mold grows in just 48 hours and only professional restoration services can detect the early stages of mold growth and get rid of it to keep your family safe from health problems. 

Sink Overflowing

What to do if your sink overflows?

  1. Turn off the water supply
  2. Turn off the electricity. Make sure there is no one around any outlets.
  3. Use towels and mops to remove as much water as you can before it gets absorbed into the floor. 
  4. Call Re-Store Services for help (619)500-6088

Why Is My Sink Overflowing?

If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, it is probably connected to your kitchen sink and discharges a large volume of water in a very short time. Food inside the pipes or grease can be the reason for the sink overflow drain. To prevent your kitchen sink filled up with water, make sure you have the drain cover in your sink and do not dispose of food scraps or grease through the sink. If you notice that the water cannot drain properly in your bathroom sink- it is probably due to a blockage in the pipes, and you must call professionals.

What are the dangers of a sink or bathtub overflow? 

A threat develops when a lot of time passes after the water flows, and it is not cleaned up. Bacteria can grow in standing water that isn’t 100 percent removed, including moisture. You may not see it or realize it, but mold can grow in places you don’t see. For that reason, we recommend you contact Re-Store Services. Our experts are available every single day, 24/7 in San Diego County. Our professionals use the best cleaning solutions and the latest equipment. 

What places can sink flood destroy?

A bathroom or kitchen flood can destroy the ceiling if the bathroom and kitchen area are on the upper level. Look up and find stains on your ceiling downstairs. Check your drywall for damages and cracks. Be careful, the drywall can be dangerous if it is damaged by the flood. To fix this problem, you should paint over the stain if it isn’t too big and not dangerous or remove the drywall and rebuilding the damaged part of your ceiling. 

The subfloor in your house can surely be exposed as well. It might not be visible, but it can be a real threat. If water gets into your subflooring, there is a big risk of mold growth. Your next step after noticing the problem is to call Re-Store Services, a professional water damage restoration company.

flooded sink

What Re-Store Services will do upon arrival?

  • Assess the damage
  • Contact your insurance company 
  • Fill out the form with the insurance company
  • Remove all standing water 
  • Dry entire room/house using advanced equipment
  • Continuously Circulate Air
  • Fix the damage/pipes 
  • Remove the mold
  • Bill the insurance company directly to take the load off your shoulders
  • Bring back your property to pre-loss conditions

Contact Re-Store Services today if you need help restoring the area of your home or business that was damaged by a sink flood or any other water damage. 

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