What happens if you don’t fix a water leak?

Fixing a leak in a pipe underground in San Diego

What are the problems your hidden water leak can lead to?

  1.  Your water bill is rising faster than you would like.
  2. Central heating leaks can lead your family to no heating.
  3. Refilled constantly, central heating systems can suffer from oxidization rusting your pipes inside out.
  4. Water main leaks supply leaks can be the reason for subsidence of land including the garden and driveway in your house.
  5. Internal leaks from water pipes and central heating systems can cause damage to the walls and floors.
  6. Your family is at risk of health problems affected by damp.
  7. Your home becomes a comfortable environment for insects and bugs who thrive in humid, damp, and dark conditions.

When you have suffered a water leak and a flood, the standing water can start seeping into the construction of your building and if left to sit, greywater can quickly turn into black. Block water contains a variety of pathogens and makes people sick. To deal with water damage whether you’ve been victim to burst water main, or an uncontrollable leak within your property, quick action will help to save your property and keep your bills and other costs to a minimum.

Don’t panic!

Re-Store Services company has a specialist team that works hand-in-hand with insurance companies, uses highly sophisticated equipment, and has years of experience.

We can find and repair the leak, no matter how small or big it is. We supply a full detection report for your insurance company. Once the leak is detected and repaired, we send our team to dry the property and restore it to its pre-incident condition.

When it comes to flood damage cleaning services, we use the most advanced water removal and rapid drying equipment to return your house to its former state. We fully document the professional drying process and thermal monitor data logging processes to ensure that there is no risk of depreciation.

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