How To Fix Water Damage In Your Home?

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As a homeowner or business owner, you always want to protect your valuables and property. Leaking pipes, natural disasters, and burst sewer lines can be a threat to both leaving your home severely water damaged. Water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage by damaging wood floors, electronics, clothing, rugs walls, plumbing equipment, and other items. If your property is affected by water damage, for example, a small drip of a leak was detected inside the house, or a leak from the roof was found in the room, it is critical to identify the cause and act fast to avoid further destruction. You have no time to waste in dealing with water damage repair.

What are the 5 water damage restoration tips for your house?

While repairs require professional help, here are five tips that will help you to limit the damage.

№1. repair immediately

Remember, it is important to start the water damage repair immediately. The first is disconnecting outlets. Unplug all electronics, so it won’t cause electrical shocks. Stay cautious around appliances and gas lines.

№2. inspect mold 

Water can destroy everything, leave a mess, and damage your house. For instance, wet materials begin to develop mold after 24 hours. It spreads quickly and poses health risks. Thus, inspect mold and call professionals to avoid contamination.

Mold is the biggest health-related consequence of water damage. It grows of a minute fungal material. There are some types of mold that pose serious health risks. The common problems caused by mold are the following: fatigue, weakness, chronic coughing headaches, stiffness, sinus congestions, and others. There are types of mold that may bring even more serious symptoms.  Pathogenic & toxigenic molds are the most dangerous ones. The first one can produce some types of infection. People with bad immune systems may face pneumonia and also, and it can cause fungus to grow in the lungs of immune-compromised individuals. The second type of dangerous mold is toxigenic mold. This type of mold produces mycotoxins that may affect anyone’s health and lead to cancer.

№3. Dry water out!

No time to wait. Dry water out! To prevent additional damage, and restore your home back to normal, you must evaluate the situation first and pay attention to water volume, source of damage, and damage level. Greater water volume – should be promptly handled by professionals. If your house is experiencing significant flooding, -you must call restoration experts to save your place from a potential disaster to your house. Make sure you find a source of damage whether it’s clean water, grey water, or blackwater. The most harmful one is blackwater, which comes from the sewer and a nearby source such as a river and contains health hazards that are unsafe for a human being. Remember about the water damage level. For instance, if flooding has seeped on an upper floor onto the ceiling, call immediately professionals to help you to restore the floor. Once you determine the water volume and source of damage, you need to dry out the affected areas using a fan or dehumidifier to circulate air and other materials in the house.

№4. carpet, equipment, or any other materials from your place

If your carpet, equipment, or any other materials in your house were damaged, you must remove materials from your place to avoid mildew.

№5. disinfect

Last and not least, it is important to properly disinfect the remaining areas, because they may contain bacteria that can cause problems in the future. Spray and wipe down the surfaces that got wet after the flooding before you start your house repairs.

Mold Removal In A Shower

Now you are ready to start restoring your home. The water restoration process is an important process. Following the right restoration procedures and using good materials and equipment can help save your belonging and prevent your house and business from being condemned. The repairs of water damage in your house start with the longest amount of time. Wet flooring and even walls sometimes need to be replaced after the flood. Broken pipes and possessions are often in need of repair too. In this case, you definitely need to call restoration experts to assess the damage and start their job to move you back into your clean, dry, mold-free home.

how long does water damage restoration take?

The time that water damage repairs take to complete depends on the damaged materials and how severe the damage is. If only a single room faced flooding, it might take up to 75 hours to dry out, and a couple of weeks to repair the damage.

If you are dealing with a burst pipe, or you have a flooded basement you might take longer to stop the actual leak and dry-out process. There is not a precise estimation of how drying time would take. However, usually, it takes around 5 days to dry. In а serious situations, it may take even a few weeks or months to dry out a home.

Be mindful, remember, water damage is an emergency. It can be one of the most serious emergencies your property can experience. Whether your place has been faced by a storm, flood, roof leak, storm, busted pipes, overflow appliances, or sewage backup. It can seriously threaten your and your family’s safety. Moreover, it may affect your property’s value.

Untreated water damage is dangerous

Untreated water damage is dangerous not just to your home but also health. Remember, attempting to clean up on your own might be risky because there is a big chance you place yourself in danger if you come in a contact with contaminants. In fact, you never know if you have properly removed all dangerous materials. Act quickly if you have a persistent water issue on your property, never leave water neglected, ask professionals for help, limit property damage, and protect your family from health issues.

Water damage can be stressful, you can always restore your home back to normal but all you need to do is to react fast. Remember, it is always a good idea to hire a restoration services company that will properly assess the situation and start saving your house right away. Re-Store Service knows the best ways to repair damaged items and help water damage cleanup.

   Call Re-Store Services – licensed, experienced, and trusted professionals in case you need our help in a difficult time. We will work with you and your insurance company and return your life to normal before you even know it.

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