Mold removal

The average cost of mold remediation is $2,260 but actual costs range from $1,110 to $3,410 influenced by multiple factors.

We are at one in thinking that fuzzy or slimy mold is ugly. With no intent to put you out, you need to know how harmful mold can be for your family, pets, and the house itself. And pretty costly to get rid of if mold presence’s ignored over an extended period. 

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The average cost of mold remediation

On the whole, the mold remediation cost fluctuates from around $1,110 to $3,410; the recent polls show that the average cost of mold remediation across the US is $2,260. The bracket is wide enough but whenever first signs are spotted at the outset, qualified services might cost much less (a smaller patch can be remediated for just $450). In general, mold remediation cost per square foot falls somewhere from $13.33 to $28.33.  

How much does it cost to remediate mold settled in your house? Read below:

  • what aspects influence the mold remediation cost;
  • dependance of the average cost of mold remediation on the degree of contamination, affected location, mold variety, etc.
  • expert advice on preventing fungi invasion recurrence.

Mold Remediation Cost Factors

Before we’ll discuss factors influencing rates, let’s clarify what ‘mold remediation’ means as this term is much-used to get confused.

Mold remediation’ describes a multistage procedure consisting of initial inspection, testing & removal, sanitization of the contaminated surface, as well as preventive measures.

The rates vary vastly under the influence of a myriad of parameters:

  • The scale of invasion, or the infected surface area
  • Allocation
  • Collateral damage & repair (for example, deep penetration of mold can weaken the construction, load bearing or partition walls, flooring, etc.)
  • Mold type
  • Inspection and testing.

Mold Remediation by Location

Overall expenses on combating mold depend greatly on the mold-occupied area as some house zones are not easily accessible for execution of works or more load-bearing than others and require additional constructive activities to ensure their security. Leaving a degree of mold contagion out of consideration for now, the approximate costs look as follows:

Infogram The average cost of mold remediation by location

Wide brackets of estimated costs include all levels of contamination, hence, the smaller the affected area, the less you pay, and vice versa. Note also that mold is a progressive condition, so the repair costs may change quickly due to rapid mold propagation.

Mold LocationAverage Rates
AtticFrom $1,000 to $4,000
Crawl SpaceFrom $500 to $2,000
BasementFrom $500 to $3,000
BathroomFrom $500 to $1,000
Air duct/HVACFrom $3,000 to $10,000
WallsFrom $700 to $20,000
Whole houseFrom $10,000 to $30,000
Mold remediation by location

Basement mold remediation cost

If you haven’t provided a damp-proof layer in the house basement, it’s highly recommended to install it. Besides ordinary leaks, moisture in the form of condensate collects due to lower temperature, insufficient ventilation, lack of sunlight, and so on. Sometimes, leaks aren’t obvious and lead to mold formation and rapid propagation.

Basement mold remediation requires a competent approach, most notably a narrow examination for leaks, pest removal, dehumidifying, and sanitization. If mold is spotted at the first set-out and the contaminated area isn’t large, remediation rates start at $500 or so.

Bathroom mold remediation cost

Despite being the ideal environment for fungi spore settling and propagation owing to daily condensate and steaming, bathroom mold remediation requires less effort compared to attic or HVAC because fuzzy greenish or black colonies are obvious more often than not. If you delay fixing a leak for a while, soon after you may encounter a fuzzy growth under the bathtub or vanity unit that will cost you from $500 to $1,000 to remove. Ongoing leaks may result in additional expenses due to extensive repair works that include reconstruction or restoration.

Attic mold remediation cost

Roof leaks of various origins and poor ventilation might be the reason for excessive humidity and, in its turn, may give rise to mold growth. The attic mold remediation cost depends largely on the infestation size. All in all, be ready to pay from $1,000 to $4,000. If you have a leaking roof, get ready to pay more as the primary source of moisture should be eliminated to exclude mold recurrence afterwards.

Crawl space mold remediation cost

Crawl space mold remediation requires more effort as this partition is quite small and narrow. Still, the surface area isn’t large, so remediation services amount to $500 – $2,000.

Air duct/HVAC mold remediation cost

HVAC systems are well-known for hosting mold colonies when they aren’t properly maintained and cleaned regularly. When an HVAC system is ignored by a homeowner for a long time, moisture-laden air becomes a perfect medium for mold spores to settle and propagate. HVAC mold removal must be carried out by pros as this system consists of a variety of tubes, vents, and ducts that require careful handling and thorough cleaning to ensure good results and a mold-free environment. Costs of mold elimination range from $3,000 to $10,000 and depend greatly on the scope of work and the system’s size.

Ordinary air duct cleaning services cost less (from $250 to $450) compared to air duct mold removal. Scheduling a regular HVAC/air duct cleanup a couple of times a year prevents the settling of new spores and saves you money.    

Wall mold remediation cost

Mold spores spread fast and often settle on walls. In a humid environment, they spread with lightning speed, so you need to tackle the problem pronto. The costs may vary from a reasonable $1,000 to a hefty $20,000 (if mold wreaked havoc beyond simple repairs).

Concrete walls

For concrete walls, get ready to pay from $1,000 up to $7,000 -$10,000 if a large area is contaminated and requires renovation.

Painted walls

Professional treatment of painted wall surfaces might cost between $750 and $5,500.


Mold removal from drywall can be fast & easy if you spotted the initial stage of colony growth or labor-intensive if spores settled and propagated in a hidden area invisible to a homeowner. Typically, costs start at $1,000 and reach up to $13,500 or more in some neglected cases when demolition and reconstruction works are necessary.

Whole house mold remediation cost

In a very unfortunate situation when nasty mold infected the whole house, for example, as an after-effect of flooding or violent storming, whole-house mold remediation & restoration services cost a pretty penny: the average rates range between $10,000 and $30,000. The good news is that in case of force majeure events and valid homeowner insurance, a vast majority of insurance providers are very likely to cover the expenses.

Mold Infestation Size

When it comes to costs, there is a direct correlation between overall costs and the infestation size. Based on a wide bracket from $13 to $28/sq. ft, the rate depends on the damaged surface area and the mold grade scale (or complexity).

For instance, a homeowner will pay around $325-$700 for removing mold from a 25-foot area, whereas contamination of a 300-foot area will cost somewhere from $3,900 to $8,400.

To avoid massive spending on mold elimination, request expert assistance once you’ve spotted the first indicators of fungi presence (musty or weird odor, visible spots, peeling on walls, worsening allergy, etc.) because mold spreads not quickly but sweepingly.

Types of Mold

Mold type is one of the key factors determining the price. In fact, mold can be of almost any color of the rainbow, ranging from white, orange, and green to brown and black. As a rule, mold types are relevant to the type of fungi that determine the mold color. Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Strachybotrys chartarum (aka black mold) are among the most frequently encountered.  

Aspergillus can be found on foods and, what is important, in air-conditioning systems. Quite easy to remove, this mold has a medium allergenic capacity and can sap human health in the long-term prospect. Cladosporium is usually of green or dark-brown color; generally considered non-toxic, this mold is still capable of triggering allergic reactions, such as rashes, red eyes, etc.   

Orange and red mold is more typical for outdoors and appears on wet (or moist) wood and decaying plants. Slimy in its appearance, it is considered harmless. White mold is not complicated to be removed by yourself and, scientifically speaking, represents an early stage of fungi development and growth.

Black mold is extremely toxic and harmful: long-term exposure can lead to all levels of allergic complications, fatigue, headaches, asthma, and even reactions associated with poisonings, such as nausea and vomiting. Besides, black mold is persistent; thus, hire a qualified and fully-equipped crew to get rid of it.   

Black mold remediation cost

Black mold is persistent, and fighting it is stressful, that is why the black mold remediation fees amount to $1,000 – $4,500. Tackling this specific dangerous fungi growth demands thorough preparation and job-dedicated machinery to guarantee mold extermination, sanitization, and isolation let alone individual safety gear for specialists executing work.   

Additional costs

Generally, mold remediation rates are pretty reasonable but complementary adversities can add up to the budget, such as water-resistant insulation, follow-up pipeline or roof inspection, and repairs if required.

As mold colonies love moisture and thrive in highly humid environments, make sure to fix all leaks (a roof leak, leaky sink, pipe burst, etc.) without delays to prevent mold growth. Regular maintenance costs less than mold remediation.

Repair costs

Based on the scale of damage, unforeseen expenses can come to $1,000 to $20,000 and depend on the extent of damage and the scope of work.

For a better understanding, here are the approximate costs of repairs related to damage inflicted by mold infestation:

Type of repairsCosts
Roof leak repairFrom $350 to $1,700
Flooring repairFrom $175 to $570
Drywall repair & installationFrom $150 (repair), $950 to $2,950 (installation)
Carpet installationFrom $750 to $2, 750

Testing and inspection

When you hire pros specializing in mold remediation, examination charges are reflected in the final estimation. Whenever you don’t see mold colonies but assume mold presence, you can hire a pro to carry out an inspection using specialized tools. Optionally, there are testing services provided by specialized labs. In fact, testing isn’t obligatory as mold of any type isn’t safe and should be eliminated.

InspectionFrom $300 to $800
Tests (i.e., DIY test kit)From $14 to $45

DIY Solutions vs Mold Remediation Services

The US EPA declares that minor infestations (under 10 sq. ft. with the exception of the black mold) a homeowner can tackle without assistance. If the mold-affected surface is more sizable than a single patch of 10 sq. ft. or contamination happens due to substantial water damage, you’d better opt for professional assistance. DIY approaches typically offer surface mold extermination using household cleaning or preformulated mold-exterminating solutions. Yet still, DIY might be inefficient when mold penetrates the materials, such as flooring, furniture, wall panels, and so on. The toxicity of mold requires licensed staff with dedicated tools and personal safety gear.  

Californians can look no further than Re-Store Services (, a reputable fully-certified restoration company headquartered in San Diego. Equipped with advanced tools (IR detectors) essential for mold detection, dehumidifiers, antifungal agents, and disinfectants, pros can eliminate the primary reason to ensure a fungi-free, safe environment.   


Can you stay at home during mold remediation?

If just a small surface area is infested with mold, there’s no need to move out. However, the contaminated zone should be isolated until the completion of the work. In instances when mold covers a massive area, a majority of public health experts advise leaving the place until the remediation of mold is completed.

Is mold remediation covered by insurance?

Given that standard insurance covers perils like a burst pipe, the insurance defrays mold remediation fees. Remember: cases of fungal outgrowth due to lack of maintenance are often denied, so if a sink has been dripping for months inciting the fungi outgrowth, expenditures aren’t reimbursed.

How long does mold remediation take?

The completion period hinges on a variety of parameters, i.e. the damaged area, fungi variety, what part of the house (location) is infected, etc. In general, the treatment continues from 48 hours to a week; in case of severe contamination, it can take up to several weeks to get rid of mold, though.

What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation?

In short, mold removal represents a constituent element of the remediation procedure and means external decontamination, whereas remediation consists of initial inspection, striking off toxic outgrowth, disinfection, and preventive measures. Pros often use two terms interchangeably. 

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