How much does it cost to fix a pipe burst?

Leaking pipe in the kitchen San Diego

In 2023, the leaking pipe repair cost is around $300 on average, and generally, the real price falls into the range of $150 – $500.

As experience shows, besides actual expenses that usually vary from $150 to $500 (across the US), a homeowner should be ready for additional expenses as leaky pipe repair can lead to frustrating discoveries, such as supplementary maintenance or extra work. For instance, the costs of ripping concrete and fixing pipes can amount to as much as $7000.

If you panic whenever you face problems with the plumbing system, i.e. a leaky pipe or clogged sewage, you can rest assured that pipe leak repair is quite affordable. Actually, the earlier you notice the problem and contact pros, the faster the leak will be fixed and the smaller amount you will pay.

Easy repairs cost Average repairs costComplicated repairs cost
The average pipe leak repair cost

Note: The above mentioned rates are approximate, and the actual price will depend on the leak scale, pipe type, and pipe location. You can always request a quote from pros at Re-Store Services to get an estimation of repair costs for your specific case.

As a homeowner, you’d better learn multiple factors affecting pipe repair costs and how to choose a trustworthy contractor. Let’s get started.

How Much Does Pipe Leak Repair Cost?

Pipe leak repair cost can vary vastly and depends on many aspects, including, in particular, the location, pipe type, pipe age, and the cause of a leak. Fixing a clogged pipe under the sink costs less compared to a burst pipe in the basement.

Besides the major problem, a plumber can discover that a water pressure regulator is faulty or the faucet needs replacement. So, it’s not just a leaking pipe but the scale of the problem, its consequences, ease of access, and other factors that impact the final pipe repair costs. Let’s see the factors influencing the costs in more detail.

Pipe Leak Repair Cost Factors

Leaky pipe type & location, age of the home plumbing system, and additional factors like the difficulty of work influence the overall repair costs.   

Different Types of Leaky Pipes

Plumbing systems are pretty complicated and consist of different pipe types. Fixing an underground sewer line differs from repairing a sink drainage pipe by the scope of work involved, accessibility, and necessary equipment.   

Fixing leaks, San Diego

Fixing small leaks as soon as you notice water dripping won’t cost a fortune. If a problem is with the main supply pipe, get ready to pay more; the total depends on the scale of the problem, pipe accessibility, and the necessity to change plumbing equipment, pipes, or fittings. Actually, rates vary and depend also on the pipe type (PVC, copper, etc.)

Waste lines are subdivided into drain piping inside your home and the sewer line underground. Repairing a clogged pipe under the sink or shower is easier and cheaper while fixing the sewer line is more labor-intensive.

Important: When it comes to sewer line leaks, be aware of biohazards that can put you at risk due to contamination. Hence, contact a plumber as soon as you suspect a leak.

Leaking pipes in heating lines are hazardous and require the urgent attention of a dedicated specialist. Usually, fixing a heating line costs vary notably and depend on a pipe type and length. 

Types & Age of Pipes

It makes sense that the older pipes are, the more they are prone to leaks; actually, like with anything else. The leaking pipe repair cost depends largely on the pipe type as well. As of now, plastic-based pipes, such as CPVC, PEX, PVC, and PP, are the most commonly used.  

Cast iron, galvanized and copper pipes have a lifespan of up to 50 years; in fact, they are rarely used at the current moment – they are common for houses built before the 1960s. Most metal-based pipes are susceptible to corrosion and have been replaced by plastic ones in many older homes.  

As of now, CPVC, PVC, PEX, and PP pipes are very popular among professionals: made of versatile plastic, they can be used for cold and hot water, do not corrode, and resist scaling. The service life is 50-80 years for PVC and CPVC and 75-100 for PEX and PP piping; durability, lightweight, and affordability are major characteristics that influenced the high demand. PVC and PP options are often used by plumbers for sewer lines.

Leak Location

Pipe leak repair cost San Diego

Pipe location influences repair costs significantly — the easier the access to the leaky pipe, the lower the cost is. Repairing a small leak from an exposed sink piping won’t cost much, while problems with pipes behind walls or underground supply pipes will definitely cost more because extra work like ripping concrete is needed.

You can benefit from hiring repair companies as they not only provide plumbing services but also restoration: once a leak has been fixed, the crew will restore drywall, flooring, or basement to its initial condition and clean up the area. 


Leak Complexity

Leaks can be labor-intensive, particularly when the leaking pipe is located underground or behind the wall. Thus, the average rates aren’t always a good reference point. When you hire a local plumber, keep in mind that a minimum fee is around $50-100; however, an hourly rate may vary significantly and depends on the complexity of the work. Reputable companies usually offer a free estimation upon request.  

When You Need to Contact a Leak Repair Specialist

As soon as possible to avoid worsening the situation and severe damage that requires costly repairs.

Ignored leaks and dubious DIY solutions offered by non-pros may lead to thousand-dollar damage to your property. And one more argument for repairing leaking pipes as fast as possible is your utility bill.  

What aspects to pay attention to while hiring a leak repair specialist

First of all, make sure the company is licensed and certified for the services it offers.

Second, experience matters. Besides proper qualifications and training, experienced specialists are usually well-informed about the existing building codes in the area and can foresee potential scenarios and provide a comprehensive estimate for the leaking pipe repair cost.

Luckily for Californians, whenever you suspect a leaky pipe, you can contact experts at Re-Store Services (, a San Diego-based restoration company with the established reputation of a full-scale restoration service. Re-Store pros have extensive experience in leaky pipe repair of any difficulty and provide emergency services 24/7.    


Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing and pipe leaks?

In most cases, the homeowner insurance policy covers sudden water damage resulting from burst pipes or unexpected plumbing malfunction. However, water damage due to improper maintenance of pipelines or ongoing leaks is typically not covered by insurance providers.

How to find a leaking pipe?

Pay attention to any wet patches on the floor. Sometimes you can hear the sound of water dripping under or around sanitary equipment. Peeling on the walls and bloated laminate flooring are also indicative of leakage. Use your water meter to determine a leak: note the reading and make sure no water is used at the moment. If the indicator runs while no water is being used, you have a leaking pipe.

How long does it take to fix a burst pipe?

The repair period depends on the pipe type (exposed or closed) and the location. Exposed pipes can be done in half an hour; the average timing is from two to four hours, though. Closed pipes take longer time – repair works might require from a couple of hours to several days.

How to stop a leaking pipe until a plumber arrives?

The first thing to do is to shut off the water supply and turn off electrical appliances if water reaches them. Then try to drain & clean up the water and move the furniture aside. If you’ve determined a leaky pipe, you can try to patch a crack or hole with epoxy putty, rubber patches, or plumber tape.


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