Flooded basement? How to tackle a flooded basement?

House flooding. Call the experts Restorationserv

Well, we all know that a flooded basement is a nightmare. Seeing standing water brings you sinking feelings coupled with thoughts about what to do next. Luckily, the emergency restoration company Re-Store Services is an experienced company that is great at dealing with any type of water damage and mold remediation.

Whether the flood occurred due to a leaking foundation, or a burst pipe, Re-Store Services can clean up your flooded home and bring it back to pre-loss conditions. Flooded basement restoration requires patience, hard work and our professional help. Our experts will find the leak, stop it in your basement, make sure it is safe, and reclaim your living space.

What are the causes of a flooded basement? 

  • foundation cracks
  • broken basement windows
  • poor-draining wells
  • sewer system problems
  • old pipes
  • house located at the bottom of a slope
  • overflowing rain gutters
  • appliances leaks
  • drainage system fail
  • overflowing toilet/bathtub

What can help to prevent flooding problems in your basement?

  • keep rain gutters free of debris
  • update and replace old pipes

What is your next step if there is a flood in your basement? 

  • Turn off your power in your house to avoid the risk of an electrical shock
  • If the water has snuffed out any pilot lights to your appliances, you must turn off the gas and call a restoration company 
  • Identify the source of the leak. check if it’s not a broken water heater or leaking window
  • Remove the mold which can set in as little as 2 days
  • Call water damage restoration company such as Re-Store Services to handle mold
  • Re-Store Services will alert your insurance company to see what they can cover
  • Re-Store Services will pump out the water using a wet vacuum 
  • Re-Store Services will dehumidify the area and dry out the space using a dehumidifier
  • Re-Store Services will remove all porous materials such as books, rugs, furniture and etc
  • Re-Store Services will throw away contaminated items and save the ones that weren’t very damaged
  • Re-Store Services will wash walls and floors that were flooded, sanitize and deodorize the area that was flooded
  • Re-Store Services will repair the broken pipes or foundation. Also, the company will make sure your basement walls are waterproofed and your foundation is sealed properly.

Re-Store Services is a qualified and certified company to locate leaks of all kinds. You will be surprised at how quickly we will get the water out of your basement and dry out sufficiently your home to avoid mold growth. The sooner you call us and we start the drying process, the better your chance of preventing mold. We provide 24/7 assistance and assist with your insurance company. Call us today (619)500-6088

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